Thoughtfully designed features sure to wow and delight your visitors from get go.

Fastest check-in

With LogVisitor, your visitors can self-checkin in less than 5 seconds.

Wi-Fi credential sharing

Automatically share WiFi credentials with your visitors right at the time of check-in.

QR Code based Registration

Accelerate check-ins for expected guests using QR codes sent to their emails.

Custom Checkin Flow

Complete freedom to design your own customised check-in flow with photo capture, NDAs, security questions, and more.

Smart checkins for recurring visits

LogVisitor remembers your visitors for a faster and efficient checkin experience for your regular visitors.

LogVisitor app for guests and employees

With the soon to be launched LogVisitor guest mobile app on their phones, your visitors can check in even faster.

End to end features of a complete visitor management system - at your fingertips.

Simplified and Seamless Processes


Instant notifications

Lose no time in notifying your employees of their guest visits via SMS and Email.


Integrated NDA

Minimize paperwork and get your visitors to digitally sign NDAs right at the time of check-in.


Visitor Photos

Instantly capture visitors’ photos for official records, to print access cards and notify hosts.


CSV Import

Simple 1-step dashboard upload to integrate employee data with the LogVisitor system.


Visitor Badges

Use the Badge feature to automatically create photo ID badges for checked-in visitors.


Multiple checkins

Expedite the checkin process using multiple LogVisitor applications at a single venue.


In-app Invites

Create instant invites for your visitors right from the comfort of the LogVisitor dashboard.


Multiple locations

Use LogVisitor at multiple locations and manage data centrally from anywhere, any time.


Custom check-in

Integrating questions and additional fields to collect all the data you need from your guests.


Analytics and Data Reporting
All the data and insights you need - in a powerful easy-to-use dashboard so you don’t need to look anywhere else.

Admin Dashboard

Track live visitors, visit times, employee data and more from the real-time admin dashboard.

Reporting and Export options

Create custom reports based on data that you need. Export, share, and save reports in Excel/CSV formats.

Visitor & Employee Profiles

Auto-created visitor profiles for insights about your visitors, your employees, and your business.